Disclaimer !

This blog is intended to be educational only and represents solely the personal opinion of Dr. Raymond Chang.  Dr. Chang’s personal opinion is not meant to be construed as professional medical advice for any specific person or patient or condition. The drugs or products discussed in this blog may not been approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the blog is not meant to promote the off-label use of any approved or unapproved products. Qualified and licensed healthcare professionals should be consulted before considering or using any therapeutic product or drugs discussed in this blog. Off-label medication is not a DIY project! Readers should verify all information and data before prescribing or being treated by any products or therapies described in this blog, and would assume any and all risk associated with such activity. Dr. Chang has no personal or financial interest or involvement with any pharmaceutical product, manufacturer or distributor mentioned in this blog, unless specifically so mentioned.

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